Imagine Kids is?

Welcome to the world of Imagine Kids.

We are the alternative to the traditional nursery school, Imagine Kids is a family support center where we childcare from 4 months to 6 years throughout the year or during holiday.

We have a great team to accompany, guide, teach your children to primarily, be happy.

We do many weekly activities makes us differentiate to other conventional centers.

Out every week to the city market to buy fruit and vegetables in season.

We make a weekly visit to Museums (Toy Museum, Dali Museum, Emporda Museum,…).

We visited green spaces and outdoor activities and also learn at the library.

We also do yoga every week and we play live instruments.

Our facilities are also different. There is not a closed class, but the class is the whole center. From the playground, Rest Area, yoga area, the kitchen or the sandpit. Children can freely do whatever they want as if they were at home and learn from daily activities such as brushing your teeth or doing a puzzle.

Besides being the age that is, children are together without separation by age. In this way, They learn from each other, They have experience and create unique links, no matter the age.

As you see, Imagine Kids is a center with a unique pedagogical method based on art, play and education. Find out for more information or visit our Facebook, Instagram or watch our videos on the channel Youtube.

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