Age group children in a nursery school

The traditional method of preschools and schools, It is to group children by age children and progressing to the next grade each year. Babies and children are often little (the nothing) with colleagues from other ages and only share classroom with children of the same age.

A Imagona Kids, and we do not think so faithfully to have all the children together in the same classroom, is the age that is, It has many benefits especially for children.

Children have to learn to live with other people and no matter how old they are. They can grow together and find links but do not share the same age. They can learn and play together regardless of age. They can even learn to imitate words, attitudes or behaviors to older companion, in the same way that the greatest may have the responsibility of wanting to care for the smallest partner, give affection and love.

They can eat together, perform daily activities and grow together have their age. And getting that beautiful relationship between partners as if they were brothers.

Many classrooms Montessori already practice this method of parenting and also many experts believe that grouping children by age, It is an old method.

Imagine our experience in Kids, together with our unique teaching method, says that having children in the same classroom regardless of age, It is very beneficial for students and also, Parents also affirm.



Children feel at home with peers of all ages and are gaining experience and unique responsibilities among all form a large family.

Come and meet our alternative to traditional preschools. We have unique breeding methods.

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