children organic food in preschools

Feeding children is a very important pillar for the proper development and have a balanced diet in the future. Children are in full growth stage and it is necessary to provide all the necessary nutrients so that they can develop without problems. further, It is a key to give the basis of a balanced diet and so far, avoid health problems in the future.

Nowadays, We are filled food additives, chemicals, prefabricated, Sugary and a host of ingredients which are not exactly known health problems long term if consumed daily.

Because, a good way to avoid all these ingredients, It is consuming organic food and Imagine Kids, faithfully we bet on it. Our lunch menu is always eco using fresh and seasonal organic products.

In addition we explain to children the center, foods that are consumed and out every week to meet seasonal products.

We give them the opportunity to touch them, smell, buy them, prepare to consume and finally eat. Is part of a base that we are gradually building so get routine of consuming natural products and also ecological.

But exactly what benefits have to consume organic food for children?

Both children, as in adults, usually consume organic food is very beneficial:

  • We are in touch with seasonal products while respecting the rhythms of foods of each season
  • We do not consume chemicals, antibiotics or pesticides
  • We encourage her place economy
  • We won health and nutrition
  • We help our planet and its ecosystem
  • We help you have a healthy diet in your future
  • They are much tastier food

A Imagina Kids, We are very proud to offer organic food in our center daily and make this beautiful relationship with food.

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