Who Moved My Cheese: children's audiovisual

We have recently released children's audiovisual: Who Moved My Cheese.

It is an audiovisual for children from 3 years that teaches children how to deal with the changes life brings to us a symbolic and fun.

It is based on the famous international bestseller by Spencer Johnson and has been adapted by Cristina Brugues (cofounder of the Center Imagine Kids) y Monste Cufi.

Also have the ayudado Jacinto Casademont, Merced Mayné, Magda Bosch and Jordi Pla in the assembly, script and voices.

Last 22 of September, there was the premiere of the Audiovisual in a room of the Library of Figueres and this is the summary of the day:



The premiere was a success and the activities that took place after seeing the audiovisual, They were very well received by all children (and not so young) who accompanied us.

We leave an interview with the local newspaper Empordà, click here.

Finally we leave the video of the audiovisual which is published in Youtube and in batecdepoeta.blogspot.es. We hope you enjoy.



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