Children leave little time during school hours

It is a reality that preschools, children leave little pleasure or to do activities outside the enclosure. In many centers, the children make a trip every quarter or sometimes, not even that.

Children are always indoors, It can lead to stress and a feeling of suffocation.

further, in nursery schools or traditional schools, children spend many hours in the classroom and often have a limited and short time of free play in open spaces.

There is even a study, confirming that the average school children, They spend less time at recess, that prisoners.

Because, our philosophy are the weekly trips outside the center as:

  • Visits to the city park several days a week.
  • Museum visits every week.
  • Market visits every week.
  • Library visits every week.


We believe that children have to be beyond the classroom to the center and every week we carry out activities within the center but also outside.

Our school is, definitely, The difference with the traditional centers and children are those who enjoy this advantage to take advantage of all the good that the outlets can offer us.

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