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children organic food in preschools

Feeding children is a very important pillar for the proper development and have a balanced diet in the future. Children are in full growth stage and it is necessary to provide all the necessary nutrients so that they can develop without problems. further, It is a key moment to give them a power base […]

Age group children in a nursery school

The traditional method of preschools and schools, It is to group children by age children and progressing to the next grade each year. Babies and children are often little (the nothing) with colleagues from other ages and only share classroom with children of the same age. A Imagona Kids, no […]

Imagine Kids is?

Welcome to the world of Imagine Kids. We are the alternative to the traditional nursery school, Imagine Kids is a family support center where we childcare from 4 months to 6 years throughout the year or during holiday. We have a great team to accompany, guide, teach your […]